Scottish Bakehouse


Situation: Owner Steven Galante purchased existing real estate on Martha’s Vineyard, and zoning restrictions required him to open the doors as a classic local bakery called The Scottish Bakehouse. Although a seasoned businessman, Mr. Galante didn’t know much about the restaurant business. Their Need: Chef Services Group was hired to help develop and brand by [...]

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Hill & Valley Case Study


Situation: Nancy’s Pies, the holding company for the Hill & Valley Gourmet line of baked goods, was looking to develop a new line of gourmet products. They had identified the quiche category as an area that had room for commercialization. Their Need: CSG was hired to support the development, testing and research of their idea [...]

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Swanson Hungry Man


Situation: Pinnacle Foods was in need of a culinary boost with some of their existing products, and wanted creative and professional input on new products. Their Need: Chef Services Group was hired to improve the Hungry-Man potpie to add more flavor, more texture and hone an aggressive product for the competitive marketplace. Additionally, CSG was [...]

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Richelieu Foods


Situation: Richelieu Foods, Inc., is a multi-unit private label and contract packing manufacturing company specializing in deli salads and meal solutions. They were lacking a culinary group to assist with their deli salad and meal solutions including sauces, dressings, marinades, salsas, dips and frozen pizza. Their Need: Chef Services Group was hired for product innovation [...]

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Red Arrow


Situation: Red Arrow is a producer of natural smoke, grill and roast flavors for the manufacturing industry. They were looking to offer their clients product solutions through better understanding of the versatility of their ingredients in varied food concepts. Their Need: Chef Services Group offered Red Arrow product research development solutions and application expertise for [...]

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TIC Gums


Situation: TIC GUMS, Inc., located in Belcamp, MD is the largest producer of hydro colloids in the US and offers functional gums for the manufacturing industry. They were looking for a team of research chefs to aid in product development applications. Their Need: Chef Services Group was hired to represent TIC Gums as their experienced [...]

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Slade Gorton


Situation: Slade Gorton Seafood is a national distributor of seafood and value-added seafood products based in Boston, MA. They were in need of culinary creativity and manufacturing know-how to help get their value added products to another level. Their Need: Chef Services Group was hired as the primary creative culinary team for Slade Gorton. Primary [...]

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