Nancy’s Pies, the holding company for the Hill & Valley Gourmet line of baked goods, was looking to develop a new line of gourmet products. They had identified the quiche category as an area that had room for commercialization.
Their Need:
CSG was hired to support the development, testing and research of their idea and provide a variety of freeze/thaw stable formulations that could succeed in their manufacturing plant and in a food service ready-to-use format.
Primary Services Provided
  • Product targeting and ideation sessions
  • Ingredient and raw material sourcing for purchasing
  • Gold-standard recipe development
  • Product testing and cutting and internal tastings for sales group
  • Pilot plant runs and formula scale-up
  • Developed Quality Assurance standards and manufacturing best practices
  • Product food-styling
Five unique quiche varieties were delivered for Hill & Valley that were available baked and frozen, frozen ready-to-bake, and bulk frozen quiche custard. The products were available through food service distributors, supermarkets and specialty distributors.

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Hill and Valley Case Study