The Anatomy of a Plate Build

When it comes to plate presentations and consistency in plating for multi-unit chains, attention to detail cannot be stressed enough. At Chef Services Group, one of our core competencies is our ability to capture high-level [...]

Ts Restaurant Group Refresh

We have been working with Ts Restaurant Group for the past 2 years assisting them with their brand refresh. This included a complete menu overhaul and a regroup of the new with the traditional [...]

Canadian Culinary Immersion With Friends

Chef Walter shares... I had a very busy start of the year and couldn’t keep up with all that happened - truly a Culinary immersion into the start of the New Year. Starting it [...]

US Foods Recognizes Chef Services Group

CSG has been working with US Foods® to bring innovative menu offers for T's Restaurant Group. Recently CSG was invited to Mohegan Sun and had the opportunity to be one of their featured Food [...]

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