The Problem

PLāTABLE, a start-up food delivery concept, faced the challenge of providing high-quality restaurant-style meals to customers in their homes and workplaces. The traditional clamshell delivery system was not sustainable, and they needed a new approach to ensure that their meals maintained their quality and taste after delivery. PLāTABLE also lacked expertise in cook chill and Sous-Vide techniques, which is a key process in maintaining restaurant-level food quality and safety during transportation to its endpoint.

The Solution

Chef Services Group was brought on board as the Chief Culinary Officer to support PLāTABLE’s development and launch of their beta test. They created a diverse menu platform covering different cuisines and categories and developed scalable commissary formulas using sous-vide and cook-chill techniques for meal execution. Chef Services Group also developed a full HACCP plan for food handling, designed a proto-type commissary kitchen with equipment selection and layout, and provided culinary training to PLāTABLE’s production staff.

Additionally, Chef Services Group handled the sourcing of raw materials and clean label ingredient procurement, developed nutrition facts, ingredient declarations, and allergen claims for each meal, and costed all meals in support of all pricing for all menu item offerings. They also coordinated all photography and food styling to launch the beta website and oversaw all details of the project business development with the owner and marketing executives.

The Results

Thanks to Chef Services Group’s expertise, PLāTABLE successfully launched its beta test and provided its customers with high-quality restaurant-style meals for delivery. The use of sous-vide and cook-chill techniques ensured that the meals maintained their quality and taste during transportation, and the diverse menu platform provided customers with a wide range of options. Chef Services Group’s involvement also allowed PLāTABLE to meet the USDA manufacturing and production standards, ensuring food safety and regulatory compliance. The beta test was a success and provided valuable insights for the company’s expansion plans.

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