Your Partner for Food Development Success

Chef Services Group (CSG), a leading research & development culinary consulting group, takes a unique approach to develop innovative, value-added products based on current consumer trends. As your food manufacturing consultants, we’ll walk you through a customized, step-by-step product development process, including ingredient sourcing, equipment/production, packaging and storage, and launch.

We’re an ideal partner for ingredient companies seeking to develop high-quality products for national accounts; private label manufacturing companies developing new offerings; or culinary enterprises simply looking to turn their concepts into reality.

CSG’s Unique Advantage

What sets Chef Services Group apart?  It is the concept of the Group. Unlike other food consultants, we offer a unique breadth and depth of culinary industry resources to fulfill any client’s project objectives. You’ll get experienced and talented culinary specialists and we scale the talent dependent on your budget and needs.

our food manufacturing consultants can meet any project need

Our Process

Each project we undertake is carefully evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine who will be best suited to execute the deliverables.  Then, a dynamic, hand-selected and specialized group of professionals are chosen to work with you based on your specific needs. From Dieticians to Food Scientists, Executive Chefs to Research Chefs, and Architects to Graphic Designers, the Group is created to seamlessly fulfill client project outcomes. Our strategic relationships with professionals and alignments with partner companies guarantee our clients the focus that each unique project demands.

CSG’s network of food manufacturing consultants and high-level industry resources bring together a unique depth and breadth of experience and knowledge in both the food service and industrial manufacturing segments of the industry.

The potential is limitless.  Your hand-selected team can deliver the following for you:

  • Product development or reformulation of a retail product or food service manufacturing project. This could include project management, ideation planning and development, pilot testing, and product launch/rollout.
  • We can create and write value added recipes targeting your audience for web based promotions of product ingredient use and applications.
  • The re-engineering of a menu in a multi-unit environment, or the initiating of a Limited Time Offer (LTO) project.
  • A branded concept development in a food court that encompasses the disciplines of conceptual development, brand strategy development, product and service offering, design direction, graphic and image development, and a turn key operational plan.
  • Unique culinary marketing for national sales accounts for product use and applications in multi-unit restaurants. This may include the development of sales tools through the use of our food photographers, food stylists and graphic designers. Menu layout and design incorporating food shots are styled and art directed exclusively for you by CSG.

Our food manufacturing clients include:

You can view a full list of our food manufacturing clients here.

About Chef Services Group

Chef Services Group, Inc. is an R&D culinary consulting group that provides innovative product development solutions to its clients. Our work consists of development projects focused on ideation and gold standard recipe development to commercialization. We work with the R&D departments, as well as the marketing and sales groups to support on-target concepts that are meaningful to their customers. We will support product idea generation tied into a sales strategy development, to be inclusive of culinary support for the sales call to the customer, providing expert product support presentations to national, international and regional restaurant chain and retail supermarket accounts. In doing so, we combine the R&D with culinary sales, adding value in demonstrating to the customer that we are committed to product successes, giving the customer confidence in us to meet their customer product needs and becoming a resource as well as a supplier to their business. Our goal is to add value to the marketing and sales objective focused on the delivery of cost effective business solutions to your customers through the use and applications of new menu and product ideas supporting the R&D process through to the end.