Pinnacle Foods was in need of a culinary boost with some of their existing products, and wanted creative and professional input on new products.
Their Need:
Chef Services Group was hired to improve the Hungry-Man potpie to add more flavor, more texture and hone an aggressive product for the competitive marketplace. Additionally, CSG was responsible for developing the Swanson Angus Beef Meatloaf.
Primary Services Provided
  • Competitive review analysis to identify product target attributes
  • Develop Gold Standard recipe bench marks
  • Finalized bench top testing to identify 3 concept models that were observant of product target attributes
  • Reviewed purchasing and packaging needed to launch
  • Supervised and managed Trial testing through 3 pilot plant tests with minimum product runs of 1800 pounds
  • Worked closely with Q&A to create a detailed specification and manufacturing practice at the plant level
The net result of this project resulted in the launch of new formulations for both the gravy and crust of the Hungry-Man Pot Pie line. Chef Services Group enjoyed a continued relationship with Pinnacle and worked on improving further existing formulas in the Pinnacle/Swanson frozen food line.

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Swanson Hungry Man Case Study