Ways to Build Success with a National Restaurant Consultant

A restaurant consultant is essential to a new restaurant whether you are adding a new item or a completely new menu. It’s not something you should leave to the inexperienced.

Chef Services Group is a national restaurant consultant that knows the effects of poor decision-making on restaurants. The company specializes in analyzing and recommending best practices to keep restaurants open and profitable. The question concerning why some restaurants fail within the first five years has been debated and studied extensively. While there is no singular answer, many of these restaurants have similar characteristics which may have led to a sure downfall. Commonly cited reasons include poor management, a bad location, lousy customer service, or simply a lack of operations planning, which can defeat an establishment even before the doors have even opened.

From restaurant openings to menu planning, when you work with a national restaurant consultant, you can obtain a full analysis of your menu and more importantly, an assessment of your facility operations. Whether you are looking to cater to a specialized, niche food market or have established a traditional restaurant front, our consultants can provide innovative solutions to build your brand, improve foot traffic, and increase your profits.

The Key: Operations Planning

Efficient and effective restaurant operations are the glue that holds your entire business together. What may appear to be minor infractions, such as inadequate food preparation or amounts or keeping enough cash in the register – either of these is disrupters in the smooth operations of a restaurant. When you consider and even missteps, such as a foodborne illness passed on to customers due to lack of backroom rules regarding cleanliness and temperatures, the stakes can get very high – even catastrophic. National restaurant consultant services use years of industry experience to guide restaurant owners in the key stages of operations planning to:

  • instigate safe food handling practices by all employees
  • methods to lower food costs and increase yield
  • identify areas where labor costs can be reduced
  • establish an effective inventory of shelf staples
  • improve the consistency and flavor of meals

Taking the Mystery out of Menu Consultation

The restaurant menu is the critical link between your chef (which represents your food brand) and your customers. National restaurant consultants provide menu development which can include the successful integration of one or two new items or a complete menu overhaul. The menu layout and design are just as important to customer satisfaction as the variety of dishes served. Yet, beyond the look, feel, and the resulting tastes from your menu, it is crucial to have a balance between food costs and the labor required to create your restaurant’s dishes.

An in-depth analysis and recommendations of a restaurant menu can include the following:

  • adding limited-time-only offerings for an increased variety
  • replacing stagnant menu items with new selections
  • using menu choices to target your preferred customers
  • determining food choices that are relevant to a community
  • coordinating market decisions and kitchen staples with menu selections

Your restaurant’s menu should be re-evaluated on a regular basis to determine which items are not cost-effective or appealing to your clientele. Additionally, menu price adjustments can also work. Higher prices can be used to exhibit an exclusivity to your restaurant, while lower prices can encourage more visitors to your establishment.

Restaurant Ambiance and Comfort

As a national restaurant consultant, we realize that your restaurant’s ambiance is a key factor in customer satisfaction. From furnishings to fixtures and from kitchen equipment to restaurant seating and decor consultation, our aim is to create a distinct branding for your restaurant. Selecting furnishing that adds to your customer comfort is just as important as creating a symbiotic environment that whispers to the customer the total experience of being at your restaurant. The right physical surroundings have a direct effect on customer purchasing behavior and the magnitude of satisfaction.

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Chef Services Group has over 30 years of food service experience as restaurant consultants. We have consulted on projects including restaurant openings, menu development and training all over the world. We are experienced in assisting in innovative restaurant conceptual development that deliver sales and profit-building results. Restaurant Consultant services that CSG can assist you with range from design coordination; furnishing, fixtures and equipment technology selection; full menu and recipe development; menu costing; operational planning and manuals and POS selection.

Our Restaurant Consultant clients include:
+ Spoon & Cellar
+ The Cheesecake Factory
+ Panera
and many more international restaurants

CSG can also provide full restaurant operational assessments and menu analysis to provide recommendations to enhance the facility’s operations and menu and discover the restaurant’s best practices. View our Restaurant case studies.

What sets Chef Services Group apart?

national restaurant consultantCSG is formulated by a unique blend of industry resources that assist our clients in successfully fulfilling a broad range of project objectives.

Each project we undertake is carefully evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine who will be best suited to execute the deliverables. Then, a dynamic, hand-selected and specialized group of professionals are chosen to work with CSG based on your specific needs. From Dieticians to Food Scientists, Executive Chefs to Research Chefs, and Architects to Graphic Designers, the Group is created to seamlessly fulfill client project outcomes. Our strategic relationships with professionals and alignments with partner companies guarantee our clients the focus that each unique project demands.

CSG’s network of consultants and high-level industry resources bring together a unique depth and breadth of experience and knowledge in both the food service and industrial manufacturing segments of the food industry.

We are based in the United States but have been restaurant consultants all over the world. Including in: Boston, Newport, Providence, New York, Miami, Naples FL, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, United Arab Emirates

We are based in the United States with ongoing and completed projects throughout the world.

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