USDA Meat processor of commodity meat products and private label custom value added retail packaged meat “RTC”. Have been faced with several development projects that involved new technology, ingredients and the assembly of formula, HACCP and new product development strategies. Chef Services was retained to work with production and Q&A to launch their innovation and product development initiatives.

Their Need:

To design new products for private label manufacturing to their premier retail super market customers. The key focus was to identify the competitive landscape and measure areas of opportunity for competitive products and innovative meal solutions. Overall needed support to manage the innovation process.

  • Primary Services Provided:
  • Product Development formulation
  • Sourcing and Specification of Raw Materials
  • HACCP Assistance and NLEA nutrition labeling claims for FDA / USDA approval.
  • Supervise plant scale up and Production launch of new products
  • Conducted testing of new equipment with production staff.
  • Supervised and directed the production plan & training of staff
  • Worked directly with R&D teams of customers to finalize commercial formulations for their private label manufacturing


  • Enhanced the innovation/development process at J&G, provided technical solutions that enabled the successful commercialization and launch of several value added meat products for key retailer customers.