Chef Walter Featured on WPRI’s In the Kitchen


We were honored today to be featured on WPRI 12 promoting one of our fantastic clients - T's Restaurant. We made Lobster Tacos! Tune and try not to drool! Take a watch!

Chef Walter Featured on WPRI’s In the Kitchen2019-08-07T20:19:58-04:00

New Business Relationship with Middleby Marshall


We are happy to announce our new business relationship with Middleby Marshall and CTX Conveyor Oven Technology. Spent 5 days in Orlando at the NAFEM "North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers" Trade Show recently demonstrating the unique capabilities of this conveyor oven which replaces pan searing, flat top, grilling, broiling and oven baking [...]

New Business Relationship with Middleby Marshall2019-07-23T09:09:25-04:00

Innovating Breakfast


We continue to bring game changing methods to better serve the guest for our Breakfast / Brunch restaurant client. The resources are right there and by poaching eggs in the shell in a controlled thermal circulator water bath we can cook and hold our poached eggs all day. An operations solution that works and [...]

Innovating Breakfast2019-07-23T09:09:25-04:00

J&G Foods


Situation: USDA Meat processor of commodity meat products and private label custom value added retail packaged meat “RTC”. Have been faced with several development projects that involved new technology, ingredients and the assembly of formula, HACCP and new product development strategies. Chef Services was retained to work with production and Q&A to launch their innovation [...]

J&G Foods2019-07-23T09:09:26-04:00

The Perfect Fathers Day Steak


I have worked with La Frieda Meats over the past 6 years on and off over the course of some of the restaurant projects. Our first project was with BUCU Burger in Paramus, NJ where we opened a gourmet burger and cup cake restaurant. The restaurant was successful and we promoted the Pat La Frieda [...]

The Perfect Fathers Day Steak2019-07-23T09:09:26-04:00

All Day Breakfast Restaurants Are Here To Stay


Last October, when McDonald's made its decision to serve breakfast all day, it did so to the thunderous applause of its loyal patrons who -- for years -- had been pleading with the godfather of all fast food restaurants to make breakfast items like their famous Egg McMuffins available around the clock. This bold move appears to have [...]

All Day Breakfast Restaurants Are Here To Stay2019-07-23T09:09:26-04:00

Top Food Trends Forecast for 2016


A new year always represents the opportunity to re-invent, re-invigorate, and recharge the look and feel of your menu. In 2015, we saw a rise in farm-to-table ingredients, the emergence of upscale communal meals, and an explosion of "elevated" comfort foods. Looking forward, the new food climate is going to incorporate a new focus on [...]

Top Food Trends Forecast for 20162019-07-23T09:09:27-04:00

New Year’s Eve Dinner 2015


This New Years wasn’t any different than our previous we like to celebrate our successes and bring our friends together with a great dinner. This year we featured a few new signature items like our Black Forest Duck Ham and the classic Beef Wellington was just perfect. Check out the full menu and some great [...]

New Year’s Eve Dinner 20152019-07-23T09:09:27-04:00

The James Beard Foundation – A Chefs Story


"The James Beard Foundation is a New York City-based national non-profit culinary arts organization named in honor of James Beard, a prolific food writer, teacher, and cookbook author, who was also known as the "Dean of American Cookery." The Foundation was started in 1986 by Peter Kump, a former student of James Beard and founder [...]

The James Beard Foundation – A Chefs Story2019-07-23T09:09:27-04:00

Great technology and rapid speed cooking


CSG is a promoter of rapid cooking technology it's the future. Since 1991, TurboChef Technologies, Inc. has pioneered the world of rapid cooking. With innovation and top performance in mind, TurboChef has redefined cooking efficiency by designing rapid-cook ovens that are versatile, user-friendly, and save energy. TurboChef ovens cook faster and produce consistent results without compromising [...]

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