I have worked with La Frieda Meats over the past 6 years on and off over the course of some of the restaurant projects. Our first project was with BUCU Burger in Paramus, NJ where we opened a gourmet burger and cup cake restaurant. The restaurant was successful and we promoted the Pat La Frieda Burger which had put this meat company on the national map. One of the meat suppliers to the famous SHAKE SHACK and certainly to some of the famous steak house restaurants in NY. So I recently had the opportunity to work with them on the Cape with my client New Seabury Club where we feature Prime Cut Dry aged Steaks now.

The industry is bringing back Prime steaks and consumers are responding. No wonder because after you eat one of these steaks and after dry aging, it is the most exquisite flavorful piece of meat money can buy, and oh yes you pay for this steak like $28.00 Lb. but it is totally worth it. At the steak house restaurant you will Pay upwards of $65.00 for this steak.

So I decided to create an ultimate steak experience and I got a Tomahawk Steak from Pat La Frieda. You can’t buy this anywhere it is a specialty cut that is over the top. Dry aged 42 days to intensify the flavor and texture, eatability of the steak it was a total steak experience. The steaks age from 21-60 days or longer, and the rooms are filled with 5-6,000 steaks at a time, which is important for the promotion of good bacteria. The controlled atmosphere draws out moisture, thereby concentrating flavor. As the steaks age, the enzymes in the beef naturally tenderize the meat. The flavor of an aged steak is truly unique and sought after by the greatest steak connoisseurs in the world.

Pat La Frieda beef comes from all Black Angus steers. The animals are raised on small, family owned farms. The steers live their lives on pasture and are finished on corn to develop the marbling that is characteristic to a Prime Steak. The steers are not dosed with antibiotics, and also feature an all natural “never ever” program of all natural Black Angus beef which is 100% hormone and antibiotic free for their whole lives. This is what you pay for but the rest is up to you.

So I got the dry age rib eye bone in. Seasoned it with a garlic, herb butter and a steak seasoning that includes kosher salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, onion, garlic and dry mustard. I prepared it with Caramelized Cippolini Onions, fresh corn and fire roasted fingerling potatoes. The steak is cooked in the thermal circulator at 118°F for 1.5 -2 hours to core temperature. The magic is in the grill it has to be hot at least 700° or higher. Many chefs that cook a steak in this method use a torch to sear the outer shell of the steak to a crispy caramelized texture adding big flavor and just a delicious eating experience with a bold red wine it doesn’t get better than this.

The Fathers Day Menu

  • Vine Ripe Tomato and Mozzarella Tower with Rocket Salad
  • Home Made Duck Prosciutto with Lingonberry Sauce with an olive, fruit compote, Maytag Blue
  • Grilled Prime Cut Tomahawk Rib Eye Steak Smothered with Caramelized Cippolini Onion