Last October, when McDonald’s made its decision to serve breakfast all day, it did so to the thunderous applause of its loyal patrons who — for years — had been pleading with the godfather of all fast food restaurants to make breakfast items like their famous Egg McMuffins available around the clock. This bold move appears to have paid off, as is evident in the chain’s sales smashing industry projections last quarter.

Let there be no doubt, The Golden Arches’ all day breakfast menu is here to stay!

Clearly, the trend for all day breakfast restaurants is rising. And for good reasons, including:

  • Affordability:  By and large, breakfast items are the cheapest items on the menu. This is due to less-expensive ingredients like eggs — a staple in virtually every breakfast dish on traditional menus.
  • Desirability:  Pancakes with warm maple syrup. Belgian waffles topped with whipped cream and blueberries. Egg omelets stuffed with bacon, sausage, grilled peppers, onions, and drizzled with cheddar cheese. Or, have them scrambled or fried over-easy with a side of wheat toast and grape jelly. A cup of fresh fruit with crunchy granola or a bowl of oatmeal sprinkled with cinnamon. Simply put, some of our most delectable dishes get served at breakfast. The days of restricting those cravings to between the hours of 6 and 9am are gone!
  • Speed of Service:  Every successful restaurant manager knows that the key to maximizing profitability is table turnover rate. Breakfast dishes are ideal in that a well-organized kitchen can get most menu items out in under 5 minutes, leaving shorter stays for guests and more opportunity to generate ticket volume.

We have been working on these concepts and menu strategies with our clients. The key to these changes lies with menu strategy that is Eggcentric. Capturing all day offers with this strategy brings back the classic Quiche, unique omelets and sandwich builds. The trend allows large players like McDonalds to leverage the popularity of all day breakfast and brunch offerings while the more full service player key on unique proteins, sides and sauces. Such as with the creative license some are taking with Eggs Benedict. To name a few Pot Roast Benedict or Pull Pork Bene’s allowing operators to bring a fulfilling flavor profile together with eggs and great sauce combinations, condiments and savory sides to enhance them. The ideas and culinary applications are endless. Some of the menu categories now added to these all day menus include comebacks with Crepes, Pancakes, Waffles, Quiche and Frittatas.

Check out what we are doing with T’s Restaurant Group;

Benedict Caprese with a Pesto Hollandaise or the Pork Hash Benedict served with Ancho Chili Hollandaise or the Scrambler sandwiches with three cheese and truffle on sour dough toast and unique Quiche such as Farmers Quiche includes bacon & ham with Vermont Cheddar cheese and herb potatoes with Balsamic Glaze.

All unique and very profitable.

Each of these factors plays a key role in maximizing revenue opportunities for restaurants looking to hop on board the all day breakfast menu trend. Fortunately for you, we are here to help. Contact us today and let our expert restaurant consultants provide you with solutions to all of your operational needs.