Over the past 6 years, Chef Walter Zuromski of Chef Services Group formed a culinary partnership with the T’s Restaurant Group. Together with his culinary leadership, they crafted a renaissance revision and upgrade to their menu offerings over a 3-year period in all 3 of their restaurant locations.

The Problem

T’s was in need of a complete brand and menu refresh. This included everything from recipe writing and menu revision to vendor relations and more. To achieve these goals, T’s turned to Walter as their Culinary Director. Walter was tasked with ongoing work that engaged all levels of the business, including:

  • Core menu revisions
  • Plate design
  • Procurement sourcing
  • Recipe standards and practices
  • Seasonal and limited-time offering menus
  • Rollout of new menus in all locations
  • Kitchen and staff training manuals
  • HACCP and food safety plans
  • Budgeting

The Solution

In conjunction with T’s, Walter designed a complete menu overhaul and added fresh, new items to their traditional staples with a focus on craft cocktails, artisan sandwiches, and egg-centric offerings. A few highlights of our menu enhancements include:

  • Sourcing and implementing automated shell egg cracking centrifuge machine for volume production of cage-free fresh liquid egg, as opposed to pasteurized liquid eggs
  • Sous Vide cooking of whole shell eggs for all poached egg offerings
  • Upgraded the takeout packaging and programming
  • Sourced and set contact with Hillandale Farms to supply all cage-free shell eggs for a farm-to-table program with all egg dishes

In addition, he upgraded their tabletop aesthetic with new china and created some new dishes. He also wrote all of the new recipes for plate builds to reflect the commitment to local, sustainable food material sourcing. All recipe costing was done with US Foods’ Menu Profit Pro and Sysco Studio.

The Results

T’s was satisfied with their new menu, and it was efficiently rolled out across all restaurant locations. The restaurant also saw time and cost savings and quality improvements. Walter was able to save the restaurant thousands of dollars in liquid egg purchasing while improving the egg quality, and Improved consistency for poached eggs decreased ticket times for eggs benedict to under 3 minutes. With Walter’s relocation to Florida, Chef Services Group had to part ways with the T’s Restaurant Group, and he will miss working with such a forward-thinking restaurant organization.

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