Walter Zuromski, CEC, CCE, BS – President & Culinary Director

Several years ago, Chef Walter Zuromski decided to blend his culinary expertise with a profusion of related industry experience to create Chef Services Group Incorporated in Lincoln, Rhode Island. As Founder, President, & Culinary Director of Chef Services Group, Walter’s diversified culinary talents guide a unique blend of industry resources to assist clients in all areas of food service. An accomplished & successful product developer & formulator, Research Chef Zuromski has been involved with several conceptual developments from ideation to gold-standard product development to commercialization. With experience in manufacturing, distributor sales, contract food service, restaurants, private clubs and restaurant chains, signature brand – food courts, culinary food service training, fine dining restaurants, catering, pastry and bread bakeries, Chef Zuromski’s focus drives CSG toward developing unique and reliable solutions. He has an acute ability to assess an operational problem and come up with the solution.

Chef Zuromski’s consulting career started with Culinary Core Consulting and General Foods Inc., where he was involved in the development of the “Jell-O BRAND” Desert Perspectives for the 90’s Program. Since that time he has worked with R&D departments at Griffith Laboratories, Custom Foods, Basic American Frozen Foods, Friornor Seafood, General Mills – Gold Medal Bakery, Colombo Yogurt Brands, The American Egg Board, Swanson’s Frozen Food, Panera Bread, Arden Kitchens for Applebee’s, Arby’s, Slade Gorton, Richelieu Salads, Pinnacle, and many others. In these capacities he demonstrated profitable concept and proprietary product & menu developments.

Chef Zuromski is a seasoned veteran of the kitchen. He is a highly successful Executive Chef, having worked in this capacity at luxury 4-star hotels and restaurants for over 15 years. During his time as Executive Chef his awards and recognition are formidable. His culinary trends have received praise by numerous food writers from local and national trade publications. Walter was awarded “Boston Chef of the Year” by Chefs in America; “Great Regional Chef” by the James Beard Foundation; and, received gold medals as a team member of the New England Culinary Olympic Team that competed and won the Frankfurt, Germany International Culinary Olympics.

Chef Zuromski is a member of the American Culinary Federation (ACF), The James Beard Foundation, The American Institute of Wine and Food, The Society of International Culinary Professionals, and Who’s Who of Professionals. As a member of the ACF he is a certified culinary judge. He is also a founding member of the Research Chefs Association (RCA) and former Executive Committee Member. Chef Zuromski was a major player in the formative years of the RCA having been involved with the seminal leadership and direction of this organization with over 2000 current members. With RCA, he served a vital function in the development of the profession “culinology” and aided in the certification of numerous research chefs.