Chef Services Group (CSG) has been providing menu development services for restaurants across the nation and the globe. Now, we’ve relocated our headquarters to Port Charlotte, Florida, and we’re excited to help restaurants in the Sunshine State take their menus to the next level.

Does Your Restaurant Need a Menu Development Consultant?

While most chefs love the creative process of menu development like tasting, testing, and cooking, not all focus on the actual engineering and financial process side of creating a functional menu offering. There is a lot to consider when approaching change and the innovative process. Working with a professional menu development consultant that brings process and purpose to your menu offerings not only from the culinary perspective but from the overall mix of ingredients used to the item preparation to the overall execution systems that can be implemented to make your kitchen service line productive and profitable.

Here are a few benefits of hiring a professional menu development consultant:

  • An unbiased opinion: With no emotional attachment to the restaurant or the staff, a menu development chef offers a clear and honest viewpoint, unrestrained by friends or coworkers on the staff. With the ultimate focus on the competitive landscape and the restaurant’s customer expectation for food quality, pricing, and the overall dining experience.
  • Let your chef be a chef: With a knowledgeable food menu developer trained in food science and all aspects of restaurant operations, your chef can confidently work knowing they have a partner they can depend on for opinions and advice without judgment.
  • Bringing years of experience to the table: Successful food menu developers learn from past projects to understand what results in high profits and customer satisfaction and what doesn’t work as well. They gather recipes and consumer consumption statistics and get to know your restaurant’s local demographics well before the project begins.
  • They know what customers want to cook and what chefs want to eat: Chefs have preferences for what they enjoy cooking, but most customers want food they recognize and understand; only a small portion of diners are willing to pay the high price of food technology, even if the results actually taste good. A menu development consultant sees a compromise between the chef’s vision and the public’s wallet and finds ways to work both into the final menu.

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Why Chef Services Group?

With over 40 plus years of experience, CSG can boost your menu by providing cutting-edge, limited-time offerings or new menu items to complement your existing menu. Our menu development process can also encompass full operational assessments and menu analysis.

We use a unique blend of industry experts to help clients achieve their menu development goals. From dieticians to food scientists to executive chefs and research chefs, we bring together a unique depth and breadth of experience and knowledge.

We’re thrilled to have relocated to the South West Florida area, and we look forward to working with the best restaurants and chefs in the state!

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