The retail date industry is very well represented in the retail markets with Natural Delights in just about every retail store across North America. Bard Valley Date Growers represents a consortium of farms that produce the largest volume of Medjool Dates in North American about 40,000,000 lbs. annually.

In 2020 Bard Valley approached Chef Services to assist with there go to market strategy for the food service markets. We first started with generating food service recipe applications for restaurant applications. The overall goal is to expose the use of dates more with restaurant chains, independent restaurant operators and other non-traditional food service segments where dates have a great opportunity to be thought of more frequently on restaurant menus. What better place to start our promotional mission than the return of the National Restaurant Show! We will be featuring items like Quick Breads, Pizza and Smoothies to name a few / Goat Cheese & Date Flat Bread with Arugula & Balsamic Walnuts, Peach & Date Smoothie, Mini Salads with Date Dressing and our Expresso Date & Walnut Bread.