Owner Steven Galante purchased existing real estate on Martha’s Vineyard, and zoning restrictions required him to open the doors as a classic local bakery called The Scottish Bakehouse. Although a seasoned businessman, Mr. Galante didn’t know much about the restaurant business.
Their Need:
Chef Services Group was hired to help develop and brand by researching the concept and developing a vast menu of traditional Scottish pastries, contemporary treats, sandwiches
and salads.
Primary Services Provided
  • Full Conceptual Development of the Brand
  • Complete Menu & Recipe Development
  • Equipment Specifications and Sourcing
  • POS Mechanisms & Reporting Procedures
  • Recipe Costing
  • Opening Support
  • Layout & Design Support
  • Inventory Controls
  • Food Safety and Service Training
  • Associate Training
  • Employment Consultation
The Scottish Bakehouse opened successfully and continues to thrive as a well-known venue in Martha’s Vineyard. Their menu has continued to develop over the years.

Scottish Bakehousecottish Bakehousecottish Bakehouse


Scottish Bakehouse Case Study