Slade Gorton Seafood is a national distributor of seafood and value-added seafood products based in Boston, MA. They were in need of culinary creativity and manufacturing know-how to help get their value added products to another level.
Their Need:
Chef Services Group was hired as the primary creative culinary team for Slade Gorton.
Primary Services Provided
  • Gold Standard recipe development
  • Development of manufacturable formulas and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Sourced and implemented raw materials
  • Recommended and implemented manufacturing equipment and operating standards
  • Culinary support at national & regional trade shows
  • Conducted product presentations to national sales accounts
  • Solved production issues at the unit and plant level, ensuring product integrity and consistency
  • Composed foodservice recipes and food styling and photography
Chef Services Group helped launch Slade Gorton’s very successful line of value-added products, which are nationally distributed in supermarket chains such as Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, Wegmans, BJ’s and Costco club stores. CSG and Slade Gorton have been honored with many awards including the Gold Medal in 2003 for “Wasabi Citrus Pink Argentine Shrimp” and the Silver Medal for product innovation in 2002 at the Boston International Seafood Show.

Slade Gorton Case Study