TIC GUMS, Inc., located in Belcamp, MD is the largest producer of hydro colloids in the US and offers functional gums for the manufacturing industry. They were looking for a team of research chefs to aid in product development applications.
Their Need:
Chef Services Group was hired to represent TIC Gums as their experienced culinary group. CSG aided in product development, application expertise and National Sales Account and trade-show support.
Primary Services Provided
  • Recognized national presenter; offer Culinology training and food/sales support at national and regional trade shows
  • Conduct applied and tested product application presentations to national sales accounts
  • Provide technical consultation for product formulation in various applications
  • Provide innovations targeting specific functional food outcomes, developing products such as TIC Pretested® Stabilizer Culinary Foam and TIC Pretested® Caragum 200
  • Support the development of products through formulation consultation and hands-on plant scale-up and pilot test runs.
  • Work with R&D managers and Research Chefs to solve production issues at the unit and plant level insuring product integrity and consistency in performance of the gums.
Among many successes, CSG and TIC GUMS created a hydro colloid culinary kits showcasing over 200 application concepts of plant-ready prototype formulations. TIC continues to be among the hydro colloid industry leaders in the country.

TIC Gums Case Study