-flour tortillas
-butter, melted
-cinnamon sugar
-Assorted Berries: strawberries/blueberries/raspberries/blackberries
-brown sugar or honey
-orange juice

1. set the oven to 350 degrees F
2. Brush the flour tortillas with melted butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Cut into triangles
3. Lay tortilla triangles out on a baking stone or cookie sheet lined with foil
4. bake in oven until tortillas dry out and crisp (10-15 minutes) check every five minutes and rotate as needed. make sure the chips to do not get to dark or they could have a bitter flavor.
5. Remove from oven and cool

For a more indulgent twist try drizzling with caramel or chocolate

1. in a small bowl dissolve the brown sugar or honey in the orange juice. (for a sweeter salsa use more sugar/honey)
2. Wash the berries and cut into small pieces
3. Toss with orange juice sugar blend
4. Serve and store chilled
For a twist add tropical fruits like mango and papaya and toss with sparkling cider.