One of the top retro food trends that has come, gone and is now come back again is “Quiche”. Quiche, popularized in the U.S. after World War II, may scream ladies’ brunch, but damn if it isn’t delicious. I have been pushing our clients that serve breakfast / lunch to offer quiche as well it’s a deli quick lunch out of the Turbo Chef oven just a great fulfilling meal all in that pastry crust.

National restaurant chain Houlihan’s spurs on the “return of the quiche” with its Culinary Comebacks menu, featuring a made-from-scratch quiche Lorraine with bacon, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese and thyme. Since the first Houlihan’s opened in 1972, this quiche comeback is only apropos — and irresistible. Quiche comes in a variety of combinations. You will definitely love this one as soon as you try it! We all know that it’s a classic French pie but are you aware that it actually originated in Germany? It came from the German word kuchen which means cake. Quiche is a savory custard filled with vegetables, meat or fish. I am offering up a classic Quiche Lorraine and it is just perfect for breakfast or lunch. This mouth-watering, rich Lorraine dish is definitely one of the best known food specialties from France! The Quiche Lorraine is indeed a classic on every French Cafe’s, restaurant’s and Brasserie’s menu today, but the authentic Quiche recipe – without cheese! – has been a precious treasure of the Eastern region for generations.

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