When it comes to plate presentations and consistency in plating for multi-unit chains, attention to detail cannot be stressed enough. At Chef Services Group, one of our core competencies is our ability to capture high-level plate presentations with one of our Plate Build formats—one of our many methods for demonstrating plate presentations. In this case, we’ll use a tuna poke appetizer as a prototype example.

How it works

When we begin to work with a client, we review the entire process of transforming raw materials into a finished menu item. We start with procurement and food handling practices, which analyze how a location handles the entire process from preparing their recipes to the finished plate. This often involves asking questions like:

  • How do you make your sauces?
  • How do you process your meats?
  • How do you complete the circle of raw to finished items?
  • What is your culinary staff’s skill set?
  • What are the plate cost goals?
  • Do you buy preblended seasonings to speed up the assembly process?

In the case of this tuna poke, the tuna is sushi-grade and ready-to-use frozen and is 70% scratch cooking with flavor enhancements to finish it off. View the full plate anatomy template here.