Once again Chef Walter Zuromski is recognized for his insight and expertise in Food Product Design Magazine.

Food Product Design Magazine is known industry wide for its views and acknowledgements of science, concepts and applications. In the recent article published, contributing author Kimberly J. Decker consulted Chef Walter Zuromski, culinary adviser to the American Egg Board, for information regarding the Gourmet Dessert Phenomena.

The article, Over the Top: Giving Desserts the Gourmet Treatment, published this August looks into the the rising market of manufactured desserts and prepared mixes. The article begins by presenting the ingredients and concepts that create the perception of a natural, or upscale gourmet dessert. However, it then acknowledges which intermediate products are used to provide consistent results and lower costs in the manufactured product.


” Consumers want the elaborate desserts they see on television, but they’re unable to produce them to that level and so (they) must purchase them in stores” Walter Zuromski, President and culinary director, Chef Services Group.


The article discusses how consumers are purchasing desserts to indulge and relax at the local bakery, or restaurant, but acknowledges that most consumers do not know that these items are not prepared in house but instead outsourced an manufactured elsewhere. The mystified perception that these gourmet desserts created on television can be made and purchased in their favorite local shop or restaurant is often just a myth. These locations rarely have the skill level, space, or equipment necessary to produce the products of this magnitude; and if they do it is often not possible in a price range the consumer is willing to pay for. Therefore the desserts are purchased either whole or in part.

The truth is that the purchased desserts, in part or whole, have the integrity to stand up against an in house made dessert. The manufactured desserts have come a long way and often provide the same attributes as a house made item, or at least that is the goal.  Science and technology play large factors in ensuring that a product that is held for an extended period of time, shipped or even frozen provide the same attributes.  The article continues into brief detail about the introduction of science and technology along with technical ingredients to preserve/improve the texture, flavor, and other sensory attributes in manufactured desserts.


” Eggs foam naturally but when a stabilizer like sodium lauryl sulfate is added to egg whites as a whipping aid they can produce more aeration.  This strengthens the matrix of a creme or mousse filling and bubbles so the mousse or filling will have more stability. The addition of an enzyme modified yolk can create more stability to a filling so that it does not leech into the baked good”  Walter Zuromski, culinary adviser to the American Egg Board


The article continues to acknowledge how the manufactured gourmet desserts continue to follow trends of the dessert world just as any pastry chef would. The desserts are becoming smaller. many desserts are providing mini indulgences that are allowing customers to enjoy their desserts while feeling satisfied about portion control. These mini desserts are also bringing back traditional flavors with a twist.

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