Culinology Competition 2013


The Research Chefs Association, RCA, was founded as an organization to blend the discipline of the Culinary Arts with that of Food Science Technologists. Established in 1196 RCA has grown not only to include 2,000+ members but also to coin the world Culinology. Culinology is the fast growing discipline of practicing the blending of Culinary Arts and Food Science Skills [...]

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The Hunt is On


Foraging: the searching for and exploiting food resourcing. To Forage: the act of foraging Example:  (1) we went foraging last week end (2) we foraged these last weekend Harvesting wild food is one of the oldest and most basic human activities. In today's society these skills are being relearned as the popularity of foraging is [...]

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Is it Really Gluten Free?


Gluten the protein found in foods processed from wheat or its related grain species.  Gluten  is a combintation of gliadin and glutenin conjoined by starch found in the endosperm of  these grain species. Gluten the item that gives elasticity to pizza and bread doughs. Which ever definition of gluten you it is currently a leading [...]

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Allergen Alert!


The kitchen world is always evolving and changing to fit the needs of the consumer and with that allergy awareness and knowledge is a must have skill for responsible cooks. Adapt and survive: walking through a kitchen it is not uncommon to hear chatter and vocal communication. Everything from singing to pushing tickets a kitchen [...]

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As always Chef Services Group is expanding their creativity and understanding. The current research project is to understand and implement the spherification process. The spherification process can be done two ways basic and reverse. Basic spherification is achieved by submerging a liquid containing sodium alginate into a calcium bath to create a very thin layered [...]


Award Winning Logos


  One important topic to any new restaurant development project is initiating a marketing campaign that will allow the new establishment to resonate among new customers, something to help it stand out in comparison to other establishments.   One of the best ways to do this is to create a strong brand identity. This involves [...]

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Recipe Conversion: Imperial System to Metric System


Scalable recipes and formulas are becoming more popular within industry kitchens to ensure, speed, accuracy, waste etc. Chef Services Group has always recommended the use of a scalable format in restaurant development projects. However since CSG is a global company and often works with international clients it is important to understand the conversion from the [...]

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Weight Management that is Culinary Chic


Chef Walter Presents Nestle Products with a Culinary Chic Edge The Weight Management Dietetic Practice Group (WM), a dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, is a support group for professionals who practice the treatment and prevention of overweight and obesity throughout the life cycle. This group works to connect dietetic professionals that have an expertise [...]

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“Schnucks” Food and Wine Experience


Chef Services Group again rises to the occasion & supports Nestle's great Retail Brands. Buitoni USA, "Nestle Prepared Foods", excels in the presentation of quality fresh and frozen Italian inspired products. Their offerings include everything from full extraordinary meals to crafted pastas and exceptional sauces. Their product line shows their artisanal philosophy towards food in every bite. This is [...]

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Recipe Conversion: Volumetric to Scalable formats


  Most recipes are written using volumetric standards; while formulas are written using scalable systems. Volumetric measurements are when items like cups, teaspoons, quart pitcher, spoodles etc are used to delineate an amount. The user fills the container to a line or to the top and that is considered the measured amount. Some units of [...]

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