One important topic to any new restaurant development project is initiating a marketing campaign that will allow the new establishment to resonate among new customers, something to help it stand out in comparison to other establishments.


One of the best ways to do this is to create a strong brand identity. This involves figuring out what the establishment is looking to stand for and how they want to be viewed by any customers. This information can usually be found in the mission statement of an establishment. Then with this information things like a logo and décor down to napkins, and to-go bags must be designed to help the customer view this mission statement. A great brand identity will have the customer wondering where the other locations are even before the have opened.  A strong brand identity allows the customer to be fully emerged in the company’s philosophy and mission with out even realizing it.


Chef Services Group partners with Stebbings and Associates to help their New Restaurant Development Clients create a brand identity that will help them stand out and more importantly, keep customers coming back for more. Bucu Burger Bar & Bakery were one of these clients. Owner Rick Ross worked with Chef Walter and Stebbings & Associates to create a logo and brand identity that represented their custom menu and mission.



Their Logo was recently featured on as one of the TOP 20 burger joint logos.  Located in ParamusNJ, Bucu Burger worked with CSG to develop a menu of burgers and cupcakes and the logo represents it well. Congratulations to Bucu Burger for making the TOP 20 burger joint logos


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