Food Product Design Magazine, a leading magazine on culinary trends, science, concepts and applications, again publishes Walter Zuromski as a contributing editor.

Walter Zuromski was asked to compose an article, using his expertise and experience in the Research and Development field, about the  textural sensations and flavor explosions that are currently changing today’s salad dressing market. Walter begins the article by discussing salad dressing basics, by identifying where salad dressings started at he is able to explain the great expansion that has taken place to provide these new flavor combinations.


Walter regularly utilizes different salad dressing profiles when doing menu development for many restaurants. The use of a multiple dressings in recipe development can allow for the flavor profiles to change easily. For example Lean Works Restaurant in West Roxbury, Ma, worked with Chef Walter to develop a line of flavor profiles based around dressings to allow for interchangeable flavors on their burgers, chicken and pork sandwiches based on the customers preference.

Salad Dressings- Textural Sensations, Flavor Explosions article published in Food Product Design Magazine provides insight into how dressings can be marketed as multipurpose products.  As a food service consultant Walter often works with companies like Richelieu Foods in Elk Grove Village, IL to expand their current sauce and dressing lines. Theses items that are traditionally considered salad dressings can now be used as sandwich toppings, or a finishing sauce on tacos. What was once just a Buttermilk Ranch has now transformed into a Chile-Lime Tex-Mex Ranch. This flavor transition is happening everywhere. Walter identifies in the article how flavors are transitioning and are now bolder, or more extreme.

As the Chief Culinology Officer for TIC Gums Inc. in White March MD, Walter has been involved in the development of many gum blends, and with the push for healthier dressings that are low fat or oil free gums have played and essential role. Blends of gums have allowed dressings to have improved particulate suspension as well as stability, texture, cling, sheen and mouth feel that is to be expected from many of today’s dressing products.

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