New products are regularly introducing themselves into the market. As Experts in the Research & Development Field Chef Services Group is regularly surrounding themselves with new innovative products. images QimiQ an internationally renown cream base is being utilized more and more in the United States. Just this past month Chef Walter Zuromski traveled to Austria, the birthplace and origin of QimiQ, along                         with Chef Helmut Holzer to learn more about the Dairy product. indexChef Helmut, CMC, WGMC,is the Vice President and Corporate Executive Chef of Atlanta International Foods an American Based international import company and partner with QimiQ. As an expert working with the QimiQ products Chef Helmut led a week long series of educational mini seminars presenting each product and its function. A dairy based product, QimiQ serves as a cream replacement that is functionally more sound. Made from real dairy cream the QimiQ product allows for a more stable final production which allows for longer presentation times, with shorter preparation time necessary. The product is reduced in fat from standard cream and contains no declarable  ingredients, providing better nutritional reading with out introducing allergens in many cases when used with or replacing traditional cream. When used with Cream or to Replace cream QimiQ products have a stronger stability to acid, alcohol and baking.  The product will not curdle when it is combined with acidulents, alcohol and will not separate when baked. The cell structure created during the production process allows allows for a tighter emulsification of fat allowing it to replace eggs or emulsifying agents. The use of QimiQ products helps to reduce moisture migration, prevent skin formation, and prevents discoloration. These factors allow for a longer presentation time of the end product. The inclusion of these products can partially or completely replace the use of gelatine, cream, Butter/fat, eggs, and starch. They add Nutritional Advantages, Simplicity, Better Appearance, Longer Stability, Cost & Time Savings.


Products include:

QimiQ Original

QimiQ Sauce Base

QimiQ Whip

QimiQ products are produced using patented technology  that is state of the art. A completely mechanical process provides a consistent product that is used internationally . The Dairy industry in Europe has taken strides that are paving the way for dairy products and their usage. Utilizing UHT technology, Ultra Heat Treated, the dairy product is pasteurized and packaged into Aseptic Containers (cartoons, bags etc) that allow the product to be held shelf stable in a dry storage area.


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