The Skipper Seafood and Chowder House team was looking to educate their staff and patrons on food allergies and potential sources in their kitchen. As a popular family restaurant located in Cape Cod, MA, the Skipper wanted their guests to feel comfortable about sharing any potential allergies so that the staff could help guide them towards safe menu offerings. The goal was to educate the staff on potentially safe items for each of the major food allergies and create an allergy protocol to help minimize cross contamination. As a trendy Family restaurant on the water the staff understood that they would not be able to eliminate allergies but they wanted to help make each guest feel comfortable and welcome. Focusing on Allergy Awareness training and documentation for their staff was the responsibility to the owners; Amy and Alan.

Their Need:skippers1
The overall goal was to create an allergy handbook that contained allergy approved menus for each of the top allergens as well as a record of nutritional labels and ingredient statements for all items in the kitchen and a brief education section for future employees to be trained with. To produce these items all ingredient information for inventory must be collected along with prep and plate build information.

Primary Services Provided:skippers2

  • Ingredient Information Audit
  • Prep and Plate Build Audit
  • Template Design with logo and plate picture
  • Allergy Protocol procedures for FOH and BOH
  • Design of Custom Nutritional Notebook and Education Guide

Chef Services Group was able to help the Skipper Seafood and Chowder House launch an Allergy Awareness protocol and training program. With the creation of their Allergy Analysis Notebook and Education Guide for their staff and patrons to reference for any questions the owners were able to provide a safe eating environment with a decreased risk for their patrons. This notebook provides the disclaimer and introduction letter from Amy and Alan (owners), Allergen free menu offerings per allergy, education training for staff members, all FOH and BOH Protocols, as well as a breakdown of all ingredients utilized in the restaurant, ingredient statement and allergen claims for each menu item and any modifications that may be made.

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