The Seeneez Restaurants partnership was created to help provide standardization to their gourmet eatery experience. As a successful chain operation in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, their focus is to capture current operations while streamlining inconsistencies across the menu.  Focusing on capturing current recipes and plate builds; while suggesting areas of improvement and limiting touch points, Chef Services Group works with Seeneez Restaurants to produce recipe documentation, training videos, and more. The idea is to standardize and streamline operations before the opening of their next branch of this continuously growing restaurant chain.

Their Need:
The overall goal was to bring the Seeneez Restaurant Menu to a standardize setting. Their need  was the creation and implementation of a documentation to support their vast prep and plate build recipe portfolio. While looking for areas to limit touch points Chef Services Group will look for opportunities to increase authenticity and improve plate appearance. Given their current growth rate Seeneez Restaurants needed to be converted into a format that would ensure all of their restaurants eat as one.

Primary Services Provided:

  • Recipe Conversion
  • Menu and Ingredient audit
  • Menu Suggestions
  • Training Videos
  • Developed Custom-Written Detailed Documentation (recipes, plate builds, standard operating procedures etc.)

Seeneez Restaurants and Chef Services Group have built a continuous relationship to help capture and convert all recipes and builds to the new standardize format. This new relationship has created a sound foundation for continuous consulting  and advising in new restaurant development projects and investments of Seeneez Restaurants.

Attachments: Seeneez Restaurant Case Study