The Marlees team was trying to create a White Fish Mahi Burger for foodservices sale, that would bind together the mahi without providing a breaded pulverized texture. They were looking for a full flavored product that would provide a bound burger that could withstand food service cooking applications (grill, flat top, oven etc).  The idea was to utilize their current mahi inventory in a unique way that would provide a creative flavorful base for adaptation of fish burgers at food service level.

Their Need:
The overall goal was to create a fish burger with the proper texture and flavor attributes that would not fall apart during cooking. The Marlees team spent a day in the Chef Services Group lab and brought their fully commercialized concept to life. Their need was the ingredient guidance and controlled creative space for the creation of  a functional binding system.

Primary Services Provided:

  • Focused Creative Environment Free of Interruptions and Distractions.
  • Ingredient Sourcing and Specification of Raw Materials
  • Formula Development
  • Sample Creation and Distribution

The Marlees concept was a perfect fit for Chef Services Group; Utilizing their years of manufacturing and product development experience they were able to help produce binding system that would allow them to have large pieces of white fish yet hold firm during varies cooking applications. This line of flavorful Mahi Burgers were able to utilize a given inventory with a simple plant procedure and a desired product outcome. The Mahi Burger utilizes minimal breading and neutral seasonings to provide a fresh plate for food services alterations to create a signature special or fish burger offering.

Attachments: Marlees Case Study