Situation:Ladder 133 logo
The Ladder 133 team was looking to create a change in their  a casual sports bar to reflect their move towards a sophisticated gastro pub atmosphere. The trendy bar and restaurant built inside of an old firehouse in Providence RI contained history and comfort for their regulars.  Focusing on standardizing and documenting all of their current operations as well as implementing a new menu for Fall was their primary goal. The creation of flavorful food that was both sophisticated and sociable to satisfy their regulars and bring in new patrons.  The Ladder 133 staff utilized bold and unique flavor combinations to provide their patrons with continuous offerings.

Their Need:
The overall goal was to bring the Ladder 133 menu to life. Their need was the creation and implementation of a flavorful sophisticated but comfortable menu that fit into their sports bar. They needed to be lead into standardization so that their ideas of a fresh new flavors would be replicated by all of their staff with or without the Chef’s direct guidance.

Primary Services Provided:

  • Menu Creation
  • Recipe Development and Standardization
  • Kitchen Documents: Production charts, Inventory sheets, Recipes ect.
  • Design Direction
  • Sourcing and Specification of Raw Materials
  • Equipment Orientation
  • Table Top and Plate Selection
  • Directed the Training of Staff

The Ladder 133 new menu launch was an instant success, with new and regular customers.  Their new understanding of equipment and consistency of product has brought them attention and even awards; being voted best wings in providence now that their Southern Pride Smoker is being utilized for many of their proteins. The Ladder is now not only a bar stop but a full service restaurant location providing sophisticated comfortable appetizers, entrees and even dessert menus. Their new menu is functioning properly and their success is show in their increasing volume of sales.



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