Things have changed at Fresh City since Chef Services Group was retained to assist with their menu overhaul.

Our goal was to work with the operations team and assist with new menu product development across all parts of the menu which included, sandwiches, rice bowls and burritos, stir fry, smoothies and salads.

Their Need:

Menu and product development which included the development of new vendor relationships. New menu item offerings that involved procurement, recipe writing, training and implementation.

Primary Services Provided:

  • Recipe writing and in store training
  • Menu and Ingredient audit
  • Menu Suggestions
  • Training Videos
  • Developed Custom-Written Detailed Documentation (recipes, plate builds, standard operating procedures)


Fresh City and Chef Services Group enjoy an ongoing relationship to help build contemporary menu offerings in line with the trends. Chef Services over the past year and a half has changed the entire menu at Fresh City. This includes all recipe development and product procurement. Business has shown improvement and customers are coming back!