The British Beer Company (BBC) team was looking to outsource their  need for nutritional analysis. With their continuous restaurant growth in the New England region they understood that once they reached a certain number of units they would be required by law to offer nutritional evaluation of all of their menu offerings. In preparation of this inevitable unit increase, Karl Mussman, their Corporate Chef, reached out to Chef Services Group to learn more about their nutritional analysis services. As a trendy bar and Family restaurant their food and comfort is renowned by their regulars.  Focusing on nutritional analysis would provide their patrons with an optional understanding of the caloric intake of set menu offerings and minimal modifications upon request. Their current operations have a set menu, as well as a location seasonal specials and a Healthy Choice Menu.

Their Need:
The overall goal was to obtain nutritional analysis of their full menu before it would be regulated by law. Their need was the caloric breakdown and nutritional panel, ingredient statement, and allergen claim for all menu options with minimal modifications. To produce these items all ingredient information for inventory must be collected along with prep and plate build values.

Primary Services Provided:

  • Ingredient Information Audit
  • Prep and Plate Build Audit
  • Database Entry
  • Template Design with logo and plate picture
  • Design of Custom Nutritional Notebook and Education Guide

Chef Services Group was able to help the British Beer Company Launch a Nutritional Analysis Notebook and Education Guide for their Healthy Choice Menu Offerings. This Notebook provides the standard nutritional panel, ingredient statement and allergen claims for each menu item and any modifications that may be made.

Attachments: British Beer Company Case Study