The Harbar team was trying to create a Baked Flour Tortilla Snack Chip for retail sale, that would bind provide a crisp flakey texture without providing high fat or dry product. They were looking for a bold and innovated flavor  (Sweet & Savory) that would appeal to a range of consumers plain and with typical tortilla snack acompiaments (dips, spreads, etc). The idea was to utilize their current tortilla manufacturing facility in a way that would provide a crisp, desirable, next generation snack food.

Their Need:
The overall goal was to create a baked tortilla chip formula to provide the proper texture and flavor attributes that would not stick to the ingredients or burn in the ovens during processing. The Harbar team worked with Chef Services Group to bring their fully commercialized concept to life. Their need was the functional ingredient guidance for the creation of  a functional baked  system.

Primary Services Provided:

  • Focused Creative flavor Ideation
  • Ingredient Sourcing and Specification of Raw Materials
  • Topical Seasoning System Development
  • Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan Certification
  • Baked Formula Development
  • Sample Creation and Distribution
  • Nutritional Analysis

The Harbar Foods project was a perfect fit for Chef Services Group; Utilizing their years of manufacturing and product development experience they were able to help produce a baked system that would allow them to have a crisp flakey crave able snack chip with innovated flavor profiles. This line of flavorful Snacked products were able to meet the current plant certifications ( Non GMO, All Natural, Kosher, Vegan) as well as  plant procedures. The baked chip line utilizes topical seasonings to provide a series of flavor profiles with one primary production line.

Attachments: Harbar Foods Case Study