The Food Innovation Nexus partnership was created to help provide a collaboration of culinary support, marketing, food science and medical professionals.  As a unified work force the combined teams each bring individual insight to each new product creation. Focusing on new product ideation the role of culinary support is to utilize natural food systems for flavor and nutrients, while speaking to market trends and consumer rationale. Chef Services Group works with FIX to produce next generation, nutrient food vehicles for medical outcomes.

Their Need:
The overall goal was to bring the experts of each field together to utilize each other’s strengths. Their need was the creation and implementation of a New Product Systems to support their vast Project portfolio. While looking for areas to improve texture, flavor, consistency, packaging, distribution etc, Chef Services Group will look for opportunities to increase ease of use and streamline inventory.

Primary Services Provided:

  • New Product Ideation
  • Product Prototype
  • Menu and Ingredient audit
  • Menu Suggestions
  • Nutrient Analysis & Testing
  • Packaging selection
  • Technical ingredient selection
  • Allergen audit
  • FDA Compliance

Food Innovation Nexus and Chef Services Group have built a continuous relationship to help capture and create new “medical Foods Applications” where natural nutrient dense foods are selected as vehicles for active ingredient delivery. This new relationship has created a sound foundation for continuous consulting  and advising for future development projects and investments of Food Innovation Nexus

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