Chef Services Group is  living up to its classification as a National Consulting Agency. In the past month of May Chef Services Group has traveled between its home office in Lincoln, RI and California three times making many stops along the way.

The first trip took Chef Walter Zuromski to California to call on Del Taco, a national account for Richelieu Foods. After doing market research for current trends, the team created a series of sauces using bold flavor profiles. Chef Walter completed a full culinary presentation of all of the sauces using Del Taco’s own inventory to create new taco and burrito builds.

The Third Trip to California in May took Chef Walter the Egg Solution Chef to do a Training seminar for Safeway. Working alongside the American Egg Board, this training highlighted  egg functionality. The goal was to showcase the qualities and functions of egg products both liquid and dry with specific focus on what modified eggs can do to help enhance a product.



Chef Services Group continues to travel from east coast to west coast and back with many stops in between for many clients. They even enjoy doing work with clients outside of the US. Currently working with Bel Canto Restaurants in Toronto Canada.

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