The mission of the American Egg Board is to promote the use of egg products through educational programming, seminars and resources to insure that knowledge of eggs is available to consumers and professionals. For several years now, the American Egg Board has worked with CSG to accomplish that mission.

CSG is now the EggSolutions Chef providing a range of support services to help manufacturers and retailers with day to day formula challenges. This year, CSG was engaged to create recipes using dry and liquid egg products to illustrate the functionality of foaming/aeration, coagulation/gelation, emulsification, crystallization, protein contribution and texture. One of the recipes that resulted from that work, Napoleon Sponge Cake, was published in the March edition of Culinology Magazine.

Earlier in October, CSG provided two Egg Functionality lab sessions at the Chicago R&D Seminar, a practical 2 day “how to” applications-oriented event dedicated to further educating the food & beverage industry’s formulators on specific application challenges. The ‘Eggs Can Do That To!’ Application lab was provided by Chef Walter Zuromski. Two weeks later, CSG took their presentation to Auburn University for the National Egg Products School. CSG delivered a 3 hour workshop / seminar with culinary demonstrations to students attending the 5 day seminar. The presentations drew packed audiences of 50 plus students.

CSG also provided food styling and photography services for the new American Egg Board advertising campaign.