Contemporary Spirited Desserts

Contemporary Spirited Desserts

In the modern pastry world the dessert course be it plated or stand alone has grown and developed in the last year or two. The wispy desserts that were light and imaginative but not very fulfilling or filling for that matter have receded and the current trends have lead to innovative and exciting desserts that are fusions of classic desserts and desserts with an alcoholic twists.

These fusion/mash-up desserts like the cronut (croissant/doughnut) and the scuffin (scone/muffin) are takes on pastries that everyone knows and loves, but with the best aspects of both desserts coming to shine. In the case of the cronut you get the flaky buttery layers of a croissant with the golden crispness of a doughnut and the sweetness of a glaze. It is a marriage that until recently had not been thought of but now that it has we sure are glad to be savoring its decadence. Once one of these marvelous creations came to be more were sure to follow and in the last year we have been seeing these types of fusion desserts pop up everywhere, and we are excited to try whatever comes next.

Another fusion style dessert that have become common place in today’s pastry book are alcoholic twists on old classics. If done correctly the addition of alcohol is as a background note that enhances the flavor and appearance of the dessert without overpowering the main flavor components. For example desserts like white peach sangria ice cream and whiskey banana pecan bread pudding use booze to add value and appeal to a more traditional dessert.

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Sauces & Toppings

The key to offering up a wine, liquor or macerated fruit topping is to balance the sweet with the smoky earthy tones of the booze.

Booze is a great accent to many desserts, but too much can easily overwhelm a dish. Highlighting key flavors is the objective.

A great combination of sweet earthy is this Sticky Toffee Date Cake a comfort dessert served warm, drizzled with hot toffee rum glaze. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and molasses-candied cashews for a finishing texture of delightful crunch.

Caramel and cream sauces, spiked whipped cream or butter—there are many ways to add a spirited finish to an existing dessert. A simple flourless chocolate cake is enhances the chocolate, walnuts and earthy Smokey notes from the addition a French brandy both the ganache and the crème Anglaise spiked with slight ginger note.

Used creatively, alcohol can add an aromatic element to a dessert, turing it into a memorable unforgettable dessert experience.