The Cocktail craft culture, trickling down from the elite to the everyday, has raised the bar on the flavor experience. Fresh juices, creative purées, boldly flavored syrups, funky flavored brand labels—this all is influencing the creation of great cocktail craft. As we’ve seen with our food menus, consumers respond to artisanal creations the capture premium quality and innovation, through the layering of flavors and a mark of craftsmanship. The same holds true for today’s beverage menus. Here are some trending cocktails that offer up the craft of mixology. You’re aware of this when you sit down in a 200 plus restaurant chain and order up your Mojito, Manhattan or Moscow Mule. Its freakin’ fancy pants drinks gone main stream. What are your discovering out there in your area local and mainstream bars?

Indeed, the bar has been raised to the level of a 100 percent agave tequila margarita with fresh lime and agave syrup properly served on hard-core ice. The cocktail as we know it has been resurrected, rejuvenated and has retaken its rightful place in time. This cocktail and spirit revolution like has revived the craft of modern mixology in as few as a dozen years.

From the Exotic to the Classic: