Chef Walter Invited to Judge Professional Culinology® Competition

Research Chef Walter Zuromski has been invited once again to lead a prestigious panel of judges to judge this year’s 4th annual Culinology Competition. The Competition is a collaboration between the Research Chefs Association and the American Culinary Federation to challenge the food science and culinary expertise of its competitors.

On site, a regional Louisiana gold standard recipe will be revealed, and teams of two will develop a formula for commercializing this recipe. The formula should be developed to re-create the gold standard recipe for a retail, frozen entrée application. The teams will create and present both the provided gold standard recipe and the corresponding commercialized formula.

Both the gold standard recipe and the commercialized formula will be presented side by side, to be judged against how well the commercialized item matches up against the gold standard, following the ACF K category competition rules. The commercialized concept must be based on the gold standard recipe provided on the day of the competition. The commercialized product will be flash-frozen in a commercial blast chiller on the day of the competition and reheated according to the reheating instructions that the team provides. Functional ingredients will be provided on site at the competition for use.

A live video feed will be posted as the action unfolds on the Culinology® Expo floor.