Chef Walter Zuromski will be a featured speaker presenter at this year’s Chef to Chef Conference in Savannah this March. He will be co-presenting with Chef Leah Sarris, Program Director of the Tulane University Gold Ring Center School of Culinary Medicine, the first of its kind in the U.S. The trend of feel better cuisine will be the key focus of their presentation along with a lunch they created for presenting to these Club Chefs.

Healthy, better-for-you, feel good… whatever you want to call it, our patrons and members are asking for more of it. Chef Leah Sarris of Tulane University & Walter Zuromski of Chef Services Group will take you through a culinary journey to acquire a strategy to address the better for you cues in subtle but meaningful ways. Food as medicine is an important purposeful and deliberate collaboration of physicians, chefs and nutritionists to feed people not only delicious, but also nourishing food. Now is the time to become connected with this trend!

While the discussion does not focus on clinical treatment of illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure, the food we put in our bodies can have a large impact. As the public realizes the connection between food and health, but still with a palate for fine foods, the need for chefs to address the “feel good” menuing is clearly present. There is a need to create healthier, sustainable, delicious food choices for our customers.

By presenting the latest nutrition science with innovative culinary techniques and food strategies, these presenters will walk you through a strategy to help further the development of your “feel good cuisine”.

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