We turned the corner earlier this year and it was busy right from the start. As always we bring the New Year in our way with a great meal, friends and family. We enjoyed Moulard Duck Breast purchased from D’artagnan which is a large hybrid duck, with a plump breast, making it a favorite of chefs and home cooks. Considering Moulard ducks are the backbone of all gastronomic traditions in Gascony, France. These Ducks are raised with very high standards and specifications in free-range barns, the Moulard ducks eat a wholesome grain diet without added antibiotics. Making this eating experience quit exquisite.
I prepared the duck with a cider and maple glaze with herbs and seasonings I vacuum packaged the duck breast and sous vide cooked them in a water bath set at 135°F for one hour. Seared and served them with an apple calvados duck sauce. It was perfect and so was the rest of our day.

Check out the menu and pictures: