The retro classic movement has begun again this time with the prohibition 20’s era classics. With emphasis on spirits and classic cocktail creations, bar Chef’s are emerging to create speakeasies and libraries alike. These locations from decor to music and menus are like walking through a portal into the past.

It is all about the details and the selections of course. With minimal designed offerings where the large selection of aged and flavored spirits can be substituted to meet house syrups and infusions in classical almost gaudy yet elegant stemware. While relaxing in a lounge setting on leather couches in a dimly lite room the consumer can observe the rows of bottles that line the walls. At least that’s how it is at Multnomah Whisky Library in Portland, who offer over 1500 bottles on their 12ft tall liquor lined shelves.

But this is not just a West coast movement, these styles are appearing coast to coast. For instance Wink & Nod a new speakeasy themed establishment gracing the streets of Boston’s South End, is described as a casual lounge for crafty libations. And Milk and Honey in the Heart of New York City, where they offer reservations only by an unlisted phone number offering a library of whiskies, rums, and aperitivi are now located in  London’s Soho prove that it is emerging as a global trend.

The question is: Is this a trend that will continue to Roar on? Or like prohibition will it be liberated and consumers will move on.