The restaurant industry has traditionally been minimalistic when it comes to software needs. Aside from the POS system, which is rarely used to its full potential,  and a security system software has just never seemed to be a priority. With the change of times, software is being programmed specifically to aid Chefs, managers and Owners.

A Programmed system that allows for inventory and invoice management, as well as providing costing like Cheftec, now provides the chef with an up to date real time costing in minimal time. It allows him the opportunity to train and mentor a staff member to manage inventory with assurance that systems are in place to help cross check problems. This allows the chef to have more time being the Chef; creating and executing menus for the guests.

Tighter management of inventory and consistent food cost monitoring allows for easier communication with events and catering. Integration of programs like Caterease, allows for the management, booking and documentation of events that can then be synchronized with general dining room organization like Opentable. This allows the restaurant seating to be maximized without overloading the kitchen.

These formats allow the manager or catering director to inform the kitchen staff of a large event or party in advance so they can produce the meals in a timely fashion according to the BEO.  Based on BEO and reservation numbers, the Chef can order inventory and adjust prep lists accordingly. He is able to plan and cost specials that would be simpler for the staff to produce in volume and can educate the servers to push the item.

These programs will allow Management and Owners to track expenses, evaluate cost of sales and integrate into their accounting systems. Parties and menus can be priced accordingly and overheads can be managed with more of a rotating inventory. The Fact of the Matter is: is it necessary to have the software for a business to be successful? No, however it does provide the staff with the tools so they can work together more effectively and ultimately provide a better experience to the guest.