Reward and loyalty programs are designed to help improve guest retention and provide them with positive reasons to return.

Originally designed as punch cards or give always, Loyalty systems have evolved into digital apps that acknowledge a guest when they have entered the establishment. These applications allow the guest to track their rewards, make early reservations, have early access to new menu releases, post pictures, and cross link their comments. This creates a feeling that they are the center of attention or the elite guest with out the staff having to do anything. In most cases it helps the restaurant to create good publicity and have organization of table flow.

These programs have moved from giving away free product every so many visits to providing wonderful customer services, like tracking allergies, or favorite dishes. Often they still provide give away items like a free dessert or appetizer but often they are on special event nights like anniversaries or birthdays when the check average tends to be higher anyway. Another option is when a points format is used. Given the current technology the redeemable categories can be higher because the program keeps track, like a 5000 points provide a complementary appetizer when you receive 10 points for entering and 2 points for every dollar spent on non beverage purchases, rather than on your tenth purchase.

These programs are even allowing for pre ordering or pre paying for more private or business events. It allows the guest to set up an evening where everything is taken care of and minimal interruptions are necessary. This can allow the staff to focus and manage the turnaround more efficiently; by understanding that they will be served the appetizer a and b 15 minutes after being seated and beverage service has begun.

Rewards and Loyalty programs are designed to help improve guest retention but have evolved to provide the staff with a helping hand .