We believe in a five step process for our wings, a few of the steps are optional but for the best outcome we like to use all five steps.

1. Brine
2. RoastBuffalo Chicken Wings
3. Fry
4. Toss
5. Enjoy

Brine: We like to use a 10% salt solution and brine the wings overnight or for a minimum of 3 hours. This step is optional but it does allow the wings to remain more tender after frying

Roast: We roast our wings before frying to provide them with a second depth of flavor. Some do a double fry but we find that there is a better yield retention when roasted, and it keeps the oil longer. We begin in a 425 F oven for about 20 minutes to produce a nice sear and trap in the natural juices and flavor. Then lower the oven to 300 for about 12 minutes to finish cooking (cooking times may vary based on amount of wings and oven efficiency ) Remove wings from oven and allow to cool. The meat should be tender and pulling away from bones.

Fry: Some toss wings in cornstarch or fry batter but we fry without. This keeps the oil cleaner and ensures that there is not a tacky uncooked starch texture or flavor. We would rather serve chicken than breading and so we fry our wings at 350 until warm and crisp.

Toss: We season the wings with salt and pepper out of the fryer and then toss with our favorite sauces (Buffalo, BBQ, Korean, Tuscan Etc)

Enjoy: Plate up with celery and dipping sauce (ranch or blue cheese) and enjoy!