Peter Roy and Shea Coakley created the Lean Works team to provide a healthier quick service option with less than 500 calories with bold flavor. The idea was to open a new kind of foodservice establishment focused on lean calories without sacrificing flavor where the 1-2-3 menu style would allow customer’s creativity come first.
Their Need:
The overall goal was to bring the Lean Works concept to life. Their need was the creation and implementation of a flavorful but lean menu that fit into the 1-2-3 set up. They needed to be lead into the foodservice industry so that their idea of a fresh new foodservice establishment providing lean calories would be possible.

Primary Services Provided
  • Menu Creation
  • Recipe Development
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Design Direction
  • Sourcing and Specification of Raw Materials
  • Developed Custom-Written Detailed Operations Manual
  • Kitchen and restaurant design direction which included floor plan and equipment selection
  • Directed the Training of Staff and opened the restaurant successfully.
Lean Works concept was an instant success in the West Roxbury Area, with customers waiting for it to open. Their complete operations and facility designs functioned properly and their success is shown in the high volume of sales.


Lean Works Case Study