At CSG, we are nationally recognized as restaurant consultants and product developers for food manufacturers. Our company specializes in providing restaurant development services, such as recipe and menu development, nutritional labeling, food styling and food photography.

We also provide research and development services to manufacturers, restaurants and food service operations, including some of the nation’s leading food companies in the consumer food service and retail markets.

Our efforts have earned us the opportunity to work on numerous successful products and restaurants for our clients.

CSG has been providing restaurant and food service development services to a vast array of clients, including hotels, country clubs, regional and national restaurant franchises and food product developers. CSG has helped these clients become more competitive and successful in our changing times.

CSG has a unique approach to bringing product concepts through a creative process in manufacturing venues as well. We work with precision speed to market results for product launches. We are a professional consulting group that has been rendering services to the restaurant food and manufacturing market segments, nationally, for over 10 years. We are an affordable support resource to which clients turn for assistance without incurring the additional costs related to salaries, benefits, and insurance.

CSG helps identify opportunities when faced with tough, complex problems. We take great pride in our practical, hands-on approach to problem-solving, recognizing that the only ideal solution is the one that works… every time.