jessBio PhotoJessica’s first experience that had an influence on her decision to choose the culinary path was Chef Carol Orr who worked for years as a Navy Chef at the White House and hosted several cooking classes that Jessica attended. During those years she attended Cambridge University with a concentration in science studies and Critical thinking skills receiving an Advanced International Certificate of Education. Additionally during those formative years Jessica was exposed to the world of farmers markets creating a love for food and fresh ingredients.

Her original culinary interests leaned more toward pastry arts where she became interested in Johnson and Wales University attending there from 2008 – 2012 receiving a dual degree. BOS in Culinary Nutrition, Baking and Pastry Arts.

Jessica’s passion and enthusiasm showed when she started at CSG rising quickly to account and project management. Support nutritional analysis with ESHA and providing our manufacturing clients with cutting edge product development.

As Research Chef and Culinary Nutrition Resource for Chef Services Group customers, Jessica blends the skills of culinary and pastry arts with nutrition and food science. These credentials provide our clients with practical and plausible solutions. As a young product developer Jessica has been involved in many conceptual developments concerning ingredient solutions, flavor translation, textural mapping, and nutritional guidelines. With experience in banquet operations, bakeries, pastry, agricultural production, nutritional counseling and meal planning, Jessica’s focus helps aid in the development of unique and reliable research and development solutions.