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Saratoga Dressings


Situation: The Saratoga team was looking for help with new product research & development, that would highlight their commitment to quality while utilizing in house inventory. They were looking for a full flavored products that would provide the target consistency and price points for varies food service applications (sauce, glaze, marinade, dressing).  The idea was [...]

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Preppy Pig


Situation: Preppy Pig is a successful BBQ catering company in the Northeast region that is outgrowing their production. Currently, their need for bbq and spice rub is greater than their commissary production.  The idea is to bring their local, all natural BBQ sauce to a Manufactured co-packer for foodservice and retail sale. Focusing on  the [...]

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Harbar Foods


Situation: The Harbar team was trying to create a Baked Flour Tortilla Snack Chip for retail sale, that would bind provide a crisp flakey texture without providing high fat or dry product. They were looking for a bold and innovated flavor  (Sweet & Savory) that would appeal to a range of consumers plain and with [...]

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Food Innovation Nexus


Situation: The Food Innovation Nexus partnership was created to help provide a collaboration of culinary support, marketing, food science and medical professionals.  As a unified work force the combined teams each bring individual insight to each new product creation. Focusing on new product ideation the role of culinary support is to utilize natural food systems [...]

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Time Machine to the Twenties


The retro classic movement has begun again this time with the prohibition 20's era classics. With emphasis on spirits and classic cocktail creations, bar Chef's are emerging to create speakeasies and libraries alike. These locations from decor to music and menus are like walking through a portal into the past. It is all about the [...]

Time Machine to the Twenties2019-07-23T09:09:29-04:00