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The Hunt is On


Foraging: the searching for and exploiting food resourcing. To Forage: the act of foraging Example:  (1) we went foraging last week end (2) we foraged these last weekend Harvesting wild food is one of the oldest and most basic human activities. In today's society these skills are being relearned as the popularity of foraging is [...]

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Is it Really Gluten Free?


Gluten the protein found in foods processed from wheat or its related grain species.  Gluten  is a combintation of gliadin and glutenin conjoined by starch found in the endosperm of  these grain species. Gluten the item that gives elasticity to pizza and bread doughs. Which ever definition of gluten you it is currently a leading [...]

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Allergen Alert!


The kitchen world is always evolving and changing to fit the needs of the consumer and with that allergy awareness and knowledge is a must have skill for responsible cooks. Adapt and survive: walking through a kitchen it is not uncommon to hear chatter and vocal communication. Everything from singing to pushing tickets a kitchen [...]

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